Six Steps to CE marking

Author: ELCO | Last edited: 07.07.2020

1. Categorise the Product
Identify the directive(s) applicable to your machinery, production line or plan design and allocate the applicable harmonised standards.

2. Verify Essential Requirements
Verify the essential health and safety requirements and check if an independent conformity assessment would be necessary

3. Conformity Check & Validation
A self-assessment can be carried out if the machinery does not fall under the categories excluded under the machinery directive. Manufacturer should identify danger zones around their machine, operators and anyone who might be exposed to hazards on a machine. Without this information it is very difficult to complete a hazard and risk assessment which is the first step in considering compliance with the Machinery Directive.

4. Revise Operator's Handbook
The user manual shall be self-explanatory, aligned to the level of knowledge expected and written in a conventional language

5. Compile the Technical File
A detailed documentation about the construction of the machinery including drawings, calculations and verification reports.

A very good measure of whether a manufacturer has sufficiently complied with the Machinery Directive is to check the technical documentation supplied with a machine. The Machinery Directive sets precise and very specific requirements, and it is obvious when these are not met. Examples are the lack of a proper description of what a machine is designed for and no indication of abnormal uses to which it should not be applied. Other examples are unidentifiable and unexplained control elements, the absence of installation and user instructions, as well as details and information on the weight of heavy machine parts, filling or drainage points and welding certificates. In some cases even circuit diagrams, especially for hydraulic and pneumatic control systems, are not supplied.

6. CE Marking
Affix the CE mark (rating plate) visible and legibly to the machinery and issue the signed Declaration of Conformity