Tools - Outside the scope of the Machinery Directive

Author: CEmarking TEAM | Last edited: 14.06.2020

Interchangeable equipment

Interchangeable equipment must also bear a CE marking and, according to Machinery Directive Article 2(b), must have the following characteristics:

  1. Interchangeable equipment is a device which the operator himself attaches to a machine
  2. Interchangeable equipment changes the function of a machine or extends it

Tools and moulds for presses, injection moulding and die-casting machines are usually changed by skilled personnel ( set-up personnel) and not by the machine operator, so that point 1 above does not apply. Simple tools and moulds do not change the function of the machine, so the above-mentioned point 2 does not apply either.

In addition, according to the Machinery Directive, tools are not interchangeable equipment. Tools in this context are "components" which neither extend nor change their function. In summary, simple tools and moulds are not CE-marked with regard to interchangeable equipment. In addition, it should be noted that the provisions of the Machinery Directive on interchangeable equipment serve in particular to cover attachments for agricultural and construction machinery, e.g. cutter bars, spraying and spreading devices.