User Instructions to MD 2006-42-EC

Author: CEmarking TEAM | Last edited: 02.05.2020

Extract from Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Annex I contents of the instructions Each instruction manual must contain the following minimum information, where necessary:

Each instruction manual must contain, where applicable, at least the following information:

  1. the business name and full address of the manufacturer and his authorised representative
  2. identification of the machinery as marked on the machinery itself, excluding the serial number
  3. the EC declaration of conformity or a document reproducing the content of the EC declaration of conformity and containing details of the machinery, but not necessarily including the serial number and signature;
  4. a general description of the machinery;
  5. the drawings, diagrams, descriptions and explanations necessary for the use, maintenance and repair of the machinery and for checking that it functions correctly
  6. a description of the workstation or workstations likely to be occupied by the operator;
  7. a description of the intended use of the machinery;
  8. warnings relating to misuse of the machinery which experience has shown to be likely to occur;
  9. instructions for the assembly, installation and connection of the machinery, including drawings, diagrams and fastenings, and an indication of the machine frame or equipment on which the machinery is to be mounted
  10. installation and assembly instructions to reduce noise and vibration;
  11. instructions for starting up and operating the machinery and, where necessary, instructions for training or familiarising operators;
  12. information on residual risks which remain despite the measures taken to integrate safety into the design, despite the safety precautions and despite the supplementary protective measures;
  13. guidance on the protective measures to be taken by the user, including, where appropriate, personal protective equipment to be provided
  14. the essential characteristics of tools which may be fitted to the machinery;
  15. conditions under which the machinery meets the stability requirements during operation, transport, assembly, dismantling when out of service, testing and foreseeable abnormal situations;
  16. safety instructions for transport, handling and storage, specifying the weight of the machinery and its various components where they must regularly be transported separately;
  17. the procedure to be followed in the event of accidents or incidents; if the machinery is liable to become jammed, the instructions must indicate how to release the jam safely;
  18. description of the set-up and maintenance operations to be carried out by the user and the preventive maintenance measures to be taken
  19. instructions for safe installation and maintenance, including the protective measures to be taken in this connection;
  20. specifications of the spare parts to be used where these affect the health and safety of the operator;
  21. information on the airborne noise emission of the machine
  22. where machinery is liable to emit non-ionising radiation which may harm persons, in particular persons with active or non-active implantable medical devices, information must be provided concerning the radiation to which operators and exposed persons are exposed