Device identification

Author: CEmarking TEAM | Last edited: 05.07.2020

Device classification for objects are based on IEC 81346-2 and apply all technical devices.

A Two or more purposes or tasks (assemblies)

B Converting an input variable into a signal for further processing (measurement switches)

C Storing of energy, information or material (capacitors, memory device)

E Providing radiant or thermal energy (lamps, heating resistor)

F Direct protection from dangerous or unwanted conditions (bimetal, fuses)

G Initiating a flow of energy or material (generators, UPS)

H Producing a new kind of material or product

K Processing signals or information (auxiliary and control relays, timer)

M Providing mechanical energy for driving purposes (motor)

P Presenting information (optical and acoustic indicators, signal lamps, meters)

Q Controlled switching or varying a flow of energy, of signals or of material (soft starters, semiconductor
contactors, switch-disconnector, motor-protective circuit-breakers, star-delta switches, disconnectors)

R Restricting or stabilizing motion or a flow of energy, information or material (resistor, diodes)

S Converting a manual operation into a signal for further processing (push-button actuators)

T Conversion of energy maintaining the kind of energy (VFD, amplifier, inverter, transformer)

U Keeping objects in a defined position (isolator)

V Processing (treating) of material or products (filter)

W Guiding or transporting from one place to another (cable, wire, busbar)

X Connecting objects (terminals, plugs)

Y electro-mechnical device (solenoid)