CAE - version eCl@ss 11 released

Author: CEmarking TEAM | Last edited: 23.06.2020

Open product data standards are a prerequisite for Industry 4.0 to become a reality. The eCl@ss standard in particular has established itself in recent years. With the now released version 11.0, it has undergone its greatest improvement to date. A new version of the standard is published annually. The new version 11.0 represents a special feature in that it contains the most extensive innovations since the launch of the first version.

Above all, two examples make it clear why eCl@ss 11.0 is widely used. offers extensive advantages for Computer Aided Engineering. Firstly, the possibility to functionally describe products and secondly, the added engineering data for protection parameters. Both innovations relieve designers when designing switchgear.

Already the previous versions of eCl@ss were important steps on the way to industry 4.0. The now published release goes beyond that and represents a real milestone. The even more detailed description of the product data enables a correspondingly detailed engineering process.