New active illuminated E-Stop

Author: CEmarkingPRO | Last edited: 27.11.2019

Georg Schlegel GmbH & Co. KG is now also offering a further version of its active illuminated emergency-stops. The new type QRBDUV is equipped with an anti-lock collar and a diagnostic unit which further enhance the safety at work in producing enterprises. The functional principle: If the plant part which is equipped with the fix mounted emergency-stop – for example as a module of a production line – is in operation, the actuator signals its functional status by an active illumination. In inactive condition, however, the emergency-stop is not illuminated, thus also not identifiable as emergency-stop and fulfilling the requirements of the standard DIN EN ISO 13850:2015. A further safety related feature of the emergency-stop QRBDUV is the integrated diagnostic unit which constantly monitors the illumination status and thus the activity of the emergency-stop. If for any reason the diagnostic unit switches off and thus signals the inactivity of the actuator, there is an automatic signal to the corresponding plant part and the related production line is stopped – if connected in series even all modules are stopped. Also the yellow illuminated anti-lock collar serves for more safety at work by preventing a locking of the actuator.