protective equipotential bonding conductor IEC 60364-5-54

Author: CEmarking TEAM | Last edited: 04.07.2020

The protective equipotential bonding conductor represents a potential bonding for protective purposes, i.e. for the purpose of ensuring electrical safety, as opposed to potential bonding for functional purposes. The protective potential bonding conductor is a protective conductor and is therefore selected and dimensioned like one.Of course, requirements regarding the material and type of conductor also apply.

The cross-section of the protective earthing conductor, which is connected to the main earthing busbar at a central point of the building, near the feed (house connection), must not be smaller than

It is generally accepted by experts that these cross-sections are sufficient to carry the residual current flowing in the event of a fault until the protective device is switched off. And this is also possible without any danger to the equipment itself or its surroundings. Equipotential bonding has mainly to do with voltages, less with currents.